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etronixx: a superior process for strategy development and deployment

Your Business Evolution

We provide you with valuable access to new market opportunities. As expert consultants and change agents, we elevate and optimize your company’s strategy, organization and execution.

DNA for Success

etronixx was founded in 2000, by top experts from the St. Gallen Consulting Group. Our formula for 21st century success is to leverage and balance both technology and human resources. People remain the keystone – your customers, staff and leadership. Our primary brand value is the growth of your people, from executive leadership to frontline employees.

Spirit of Service

All our services are uniquely proprietary – and highly effective. Business wargaming, customer touchpoint management, portfolio management, cost engineering – and others – have been continuously refined and optimized during the past 20 years, and delivered unsurpassed results.

Empowering Executive Leadership

We use our exceptional experience to transform your ideal targets into tangible results. But don’t take our word for it – industry leaders and executives alike praise the results they enjoy with etronixx, time and time again.

Technology-Driven Change

One of our core competencies is business evolution driven by innovation. From increasing enterprise effectiveness and efficiency in all areas, to continuously refining and improving business models for optimum success, is our promise.

Inspired Leadership

Our culture is dedicated to continuous learning and thought leadership, from experts to artisans, from customers to partners. We transfer know-how between experts, projects and industries. For example, Ritz Carlton can demonstrate excellent service to automotive manufacturing, whereas manufacturing can provide benchmarks for efficiency and cost competence. B2B and B2C can both inspire and learn from each other, from social media to big data engineering.

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