Tribe Organization

4 Elements of conscious businesses
TRIBE organization principle

Happy employees create happy customers! “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” is the motto of Ritz Carlton. Totally different employee treatment, work environment & working culture is the key to creating better employee well-being and be competitive in the “war for talent”.

Employee Journey / Experience

Managing the employee journey
Employee Journey_2
Integrate values into Processes

Understanding the employee touchpoints with the company as an experience journey from recruiting to succession is key to build up and retain a world-class workforce. A well-managed journey is the best opportunity to ensure the right mindset & attitude of every employee as well as high workforce engagement overall.

Talent & Strategy Academy

Talents execute a real strategy process in a training mode
Training classes with on the job learning experiences

Providing talents with an opportunity to exploit their potential is motivating and your chance to develop a future leadership team. Through the program, your talents will learn how strategies are being developed & implemented as well as additional leadership skills. A network of highly engaged employees will be established.

Sustainable & Circular Business

Sustainability: from burden to competitve advantage
The holistic view to create a sustainable business

The holistic view to create a sustainable business goes beyond environmental issues and understands sustainability as competitive advantage. The mindset change and clear performance criteria drive sustainability as element of economical success.

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