Strategy Development

The strategy process – a unique approach and experience 
Understanding the relevant Megatrends as starting point

The strategy development process enables organizations to define and realize their strategies with full responsibility and motivation. With more than 100 executed processes, this approach proves that transformation and exceptional global growth is possible despite all challenges and hurdles.

Strategy Deployment

The missing link between strategy development and incremental business planning.
Break down strategy into tangible objectives and prioritized improvement activities.

“Strategy development is only as good as it´s implementation” sounds easy, but it is challenging to pursue. In many cases strategies are unconnected with mid-term and short-term business and budget planning processes. It applies to thinking and acting.
Strategy deployment defines breakthrough objectives mid & short term, bringing companies a big step forward to the realization of their vision and strategic long-term goals. The actions on the other hand are prioritized to accomplish the breakthrough objectives.

Post Merger Integration

PMI success based on people creating a culture of success
Joint strategy as enabler for integration success

Identifying and acquiring the right targets absorbs major resources. In addition, the responsibility is often distributed across different departments. To understand PMI from strategy to successful integration it is required to rally all people behind a joint strategic vision to realize the desired synergies through M&A.

Digital Transformation

Structuring your digitalization roadmap along your value chain
Set up your comprehensive digitalization strategy the right way

Digitalization affects all parts of the organization: Business models, products, customer interfaces, etc. This requires a new level of speed, capabilities, structures and partners to succeed. The most consistent aspect of a successful digital transfor-mation is the existence of a strategy, a transformation plan and a consequent implementation process.


Clearly defined roles for all War Game participants
Tailored game-setting to tease out the game changers in a specific situation

War Gaming is a multi perspective strategy simulation approach to find the best tactical moves within a commercial setting, ensuring company success. Taking on different roles (e.g. customers, competitors) and their perspectives reveals unexpected insights. Collecting and structuring existing know-how and data and applying those in different scenarios enables best possible tactical decisions.

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