CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINT-MANAGEMENT - Every touchpoint counts for customer´s brand experience & company´s business performance.

We all live in an experience economy. Therefore we believe that the purpose of customer experience and touchpoint design is to enrich lives such that customers are feeling great about choosing and doing business with your company.

From selling a commodity to creating an experience, selling a story and increasing customer value describes the required paradigm shift in B2C and B2B customer relationships. All touchpoints (people, digital, traditional media and processes) must be orchestrated along individual customer journeys to create consistent customer & brand experience. Single touchpoint quality level (e.g. lead time order handling) affect conversion rates (e.g. from quote to order) and impacting companies overall business performance. The impact of awareness campaigns can be destroyed by one poor people behavior at the customer touchpoint.

Touchpoint management starts with the touchpoint inventory (You will be surprised, how many touchpoints exists a customer has contact with!). The design phase decides about the right orchestration of people touch, digital touch or hybrid touch. The touchpoint dashboard provide the right KPIs for the continuous improvement of the customer experience.


Best face (digital, people and traditional media touchpoint) forward for extraordinary customer experience.

Managing touchpoint KPIs from awareness to leads to quotes to orders to reorders to loyalty to NPS.

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