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Continuously improve marketing resource allocation to increase sales


  • Improve planning for marketing & sales spend with customer insight
  • Optimize buying behavior of customers (improve customer life-time value)
  • Design offers tailored to your customer segments based on customer data


  • RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) segmentation
  • Analysis of customer segments
  • Application of RFM metrics to derive segment specific campaigns
  • Review of campaigns for improvement using RFM metrics

RFM Heatmap

Value Segmentation

Limited marketing budgets require a well-thought allocation in order to achieve the best possible output – more sustainable sales. The RFM-model (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) helps to make the right decision for customer investments. The segmentation of your customers will show how a company can increase sustainable sales with each customer. The analysis is the base to derive marketing measures and indicates customer potentials.

etronixx supports in setting up of a model to analyze relevant customer activities. The analysis results will be processed in a way that makes it easy to works with (e.g. customer heat maps, categories, etc.). An activity list to work on each customer segments will be elaborated.

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