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Scientific foundation for strategic and tactical decisions


  • Resource allocation based on reliable and neutral facts
  • Comparing performance of different segments (BUs, products, technologies etc.)
  • Transparency of growth potentials and arising threats
  • Consideration of market trends, competitive situation, intercompany benchmarks and financial performance for planning processes


  • Analysis tool to generate data based guidelines for efficient resource allocation
  • Communication tool for strategy and planning processes
  • Derivation of norm strategies for further business development

Strategic Portfolio Analysis.

Value Portfolio

Invest in existing business to safeguard revenue or invest in new business, striving for higher margin? Limited resources and manifold opportunities challenge the management when it comes to + decision making. Yearly budget planning and other business relevant steering processes require a solid base for decision making. Emotional factors should be overruled by facts and figures. Portfolio analysis can be a powerful tool to support the management in making the right decisions.

etronixx is experienced in tailoring portfolios, covering your individual business needs. An excel-based working tool can be provided to your business / strategy development departments. Consultants train your teams to create and interpreted customized portfolios.

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