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Successful companies are value-driven companies


  • Set company values as foundation of corporate culture and as key differentiator
  • Reflect your business goals in your values
  • Define values in terms of behavioral guidelines to develop employees way of working and acting into the corporates required way


  • Top down value specification in corporate and strategy context
  • Definition and implementation of a toolset for a continuous behavioral impact on employees
  • Value based people management

Example of tool set for employee engagement related values

Total revenue increases as cultural entropy falls

The most successful companies nowadays describe themselves as value-driven and put their employee in the center of their business activities. Many companies define their corporate culture by describing corporate values. But successful companies understand their values as behavioral guidelines and ensure that these guidelines are reflected in every business aspect. A well-balanced set of tools and communication measures are the key of a sustainable value implementation.

etronixx supports in developing a tailored toolset and a visual as well as symbolic communication. Strategic long-term goals will be considered and best practices introduced.

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