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Treat your employee like your most loyal customers.


  • Worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged
  • Workplace Culture is the key to creating better employee well-being
  • War of talents
  • Financial costs of unhealthy workplace: estimated $2 trillion in economic activity (WHO)


  • Employer Branding
  • Collaborative workplace = workplace culture + workplace climate
  • Living core values in a value driven company
  • Employee journey
  • Tribe organizations & purpose teams

Leadership and work environment is changing from a smiled soft factor to the competitive edge.

Great leaders have a tribe of (empowered) followers, managers have employees.

Totally different employee treatments, work environments & working cultures are required to be competitive in the “war for talents”. Number of talents are decreasing due to the fact of the demographic changes. At the same time new attractive employers (digital companies) enter the labor market and increase the competition for talents.
The new generation want to work for companies with a higher purpose. Value driven companies are more successful in terms of engaged and loyal employees. The dynamic company environment (due to globalization, digitization) calls for more agile organizational principles. This includes new workplaces, fostering the cross functional collaboration.

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