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Foundation for strategic and operative brand steering


  • Traditional brand management is on the verge of its opprtunities and has to cope with entirely new audiences
  • Brands are not longer influencing its customers. Brands are judged by influencers sand their followers
  • The most comprehensive part


  • Intelligent use of brand development tools like Brand Key and Golden Circle
  • Disciplined application of brand tools in terms of a continious corrective to prevent emotional driven gut feeling decisions
  • Contemporary and contentwise brand

The foundation for a strategic and operative brand steering.

Less comprehensive but more focused on the reason for being.

There are more than a million registered brands in Europe. New brands are emerging on a daily basis, while others are simultaneously disappearing again. The reasons for this vary from brand to brand, but all of them have one thing in common: Every brand is trying to reach as many people as they can. The best-case scenario for a company is to become its customers’ favourite brand, ideally over several generations. What’s needed for such success stories is evident: the product and the people behind it must be special, while the communication must be relevant and to a certain extent extraordinary. With the right experts, tools and a little discipline, any company can become a trusted (favourite) brand.

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